Archive March 2012

m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY is being changed to accommodate Standing Purchase Orders from CU Marketplace.  There is also an accompanying database change.
A new version of m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY is available for you to test now in Cognos QA.  Its new features are
We are spending this quarter on stabilization and improvements before embarking on another decommissioning project in April. Here is what we've been working on.

Previously announced

    The new m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY with FOPP prompts that can accept multiple values is in production. Also, the period zero prompt label change is in production.
    To be clearer about the meaning of period zero, we are changing ACCOUNTING PERIOD prompts to say 0 -- FY BEGIN for period zero instead of 0 -- JUL. This is just a cosmetic difference. It does not require any change or accommodation in the way you use m-Fin reports. This change has been in CU's Cognos QA environment for a few weeks now, and will move to the CU Cognos production environment this week.