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Broken report view? Here is how to reconnect it to the source report.
While the CIW GL data it uses has not yet refreshed today, the CU Cognos production system is available via the "Reporting System" link in the third column at This is a way to get in that does not go through the portal.
CU is on Cognos 10 now. This was one of many changes UIS made over the weekend. I am running m-Fin reports in production just to make sure all is well. If you are having trouble with PDF output, please upgrade to the latest PDF reader from Adobe:
The report in the Cognos Finance folder named Trial Balance will not be brought into Cognos 10 next week. Please use the m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE SUMMARY or the m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY. The m-Fin reports do not include prior FY data. If you need that, simply run the m-Fin report twice. Eventually we may add a "Prior FY" EXTRA option, but there are other m-Fin reports coming that will be able to show actuals for several fiscal years.
Monday April 25, 2011 CU will be running Cognos 10.  Some button images are different, and some buttons are re-arranged, but things remain located in same vicinity in the windows as before.  So when this day comes you will notice the change, but it will not be something that requires training.


All m-Fin reports will continue to work the same.

Other On-Demand

Running m-Fin reports in production over the weekend to make sure m-Fin 1.5 arrived intact, I noticed that the new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL is slower than the previous version. The cause is additional processing overhead supporting the new FOPPS WITH NO ACTIVITY prompt. It's on the second prompt page. This feature renders a report output page with fopps header information even if there are no transactions found for the desired accounts.
New versions of the initial seven m-Fin reports, plus one new report, are migrating to CU's production Cognos environment today.  The changes to the reports were described on the blog post that announced them for testing: m-Fin Reports Refreshed in QA

Select By OrgNode

An important new feature introduced with this report is support for OrgNodes.  Where the other m-Fin reports accept only an org code, this report accepts either an org code or an org node.  We hope to bring this feature to the other reports in a subsequent m-Fin release.