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Currently there are no descriptions on PO lines (Purchase Order lines).  Did you order bucket of bolts for $10?  In the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report you see a PO line for $10 but no description on it saying "bucket of bolts."  This is because the descriptions are missing from the underlying CIW database table used by m-Fin.  IRM and the CU Marketplace team have devised a solution for this and are testing it now.  It only fixes the missing PO line descriptions.  The voucher line descriptions that have always been there remain truncated to 30 characters because they are stored this way in CU's
Run one speedtype at a time to HTML with a minimum of mouse clicks.
Often after running a report and reviewing the output, I want to run it again for mostly the same parameters, changing perhaps just one thing.
Six m-Fin reports migrated to CU's production Cognos system today.
    New. A great way to highly summarize Assets, Liabilities, Revenues, Expenditures, and Transfers for sets of speedtypes or a department when there are different funds. You pick which funds go into up to five columns.
Here is a tip for most m-Fin reports, those that accept speedtype on the first page of prompting.  It's a little thing, but I use it many times a day.  You can enter one speedtype, or enter several separated by spaces. Then, instead of clicking the Search button with your mouse, use its keyboard shortcut: hit the enter key.
These four m-Fin reports have migrated from Cognos QA to Cognos production:
    More flexible account code selection. Multi-value Fund Code prompt. Fixed problem of drills to Balance Sheet accounts not returning data.