Archive November 2012

m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY and m-Fin POSITION BUDGET are now in production. m-Fin POSITION BUDGET likely will have further enhancements but this is a good first version.
A new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL is available for you to test in Cognos QA. It has the following enhancements:
  1. POSTED DATE. This is a new option added to the EXTRAS prompt.
  2. Source code drill. This runs a simple look-up that shows some source code attributes.
Before fix


We've made some improvements to m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED and m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED ORG OVERVIEW. Now the reports will show payments processed through suspense correction.
If all goes as planned CU will be running Cognos 10.2 in production Monday November 19, 2012. This is an incremental "dot version" upgrade from Cognos 10.1 to Cognos 10.2. You will notice some differences but they are minor and are not the kind of change that requires training. We expect that you will be able to continue using m-Fin reports the same way as you do now.