Archive December 2011

Need a reference list of your active speedtypes? Use m-Fin SPEEDTYPE LIST. Think of this as a master list of speedtypes showing the FOPPS for each speedtype and important attributes. This report is available for you to test in Cognos QA in the Finance/Look Ups/ folder. [25-Jan-2012:  This report is in production now.]  The EXTRA prompt on the second page of prompting lets you select just the attribute columns you need.


Several m-Fin reports have migrated to production. Most of these are enhancements to existing reports but there is a new one too. The most significant changes are:
  1. m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL - Formatting and prompting improvements.
  2. New report for drills to Student Finance data from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.
  3. New report m-Fin ABNORMAL BALANCE.
For a more complete description of changes migrated see Abnormal Balance And Other Reports Now In QA.