Much of the Travel Allowance also known as Per Diem, is the same in both the existing and NextGen UI’s. The only major difference is how to find it with the Expense Report.

Existing UI

In the existing UI, users add Travel Allowance by clicking on the Details drop-down link and selecting the appropriate Travel Allowance action. The applicable page for the selected Travel Allowance action will open and users can navigate from page to page within Travel Allowance as needed.

NextGen UI 

In the NextGen UI, Travel Allowance is its own drop-down link. The only option under Travel Allowance is Manage Travel Allowance. When clicking on Manage Travel Allowance, the system automatically opens to the Available Itineraries page. From this page, users can verify and edit assigned travel itineraries, unassign applied itineraries if appropriate, as well as add, or delete existing travel itineraries as appropriate. Click Next in the bottom right of the page to advance to the Expenses & Adjustments to account for provided meals.

To create a new itinerary, click on the Create New Itinerary link at the top left of the page. Users can navigate between the three (3) Travel Allowance pages as needed and as they do today.

To save and exit Travel Allowance, from the Expenses & Adjustments page, users can click Create Expenses.