m-Fin Reports Training

Getting Started

You can run m-Fin reports in CU-Data if you have a fiscal role on a SpeedType or if you have access to the Finance System.  Your campus controller’s office may offer in-person training on how to run and read m-Fin reports .  For online learning resources, see below.

To access m-Fin reports in CU-Data, log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources tab, select Quick Links, CU-Data.

Monthly Financial Report Review Reports

  • m-Fin SpeedType Summary - Shows the available balance as of the close of business for the previous business day.
  • m-Fin Operating Summary - Shows the SpeedType Summary available balance calculation. Also includes the Revenue and Expenditure Summary, and additionally an Asset and Liability Summary if it is relevant to financially managing the FOPPS.
  • m-Fin Outstanding Encumbrances - Shows an itemized list for all financial expenses committed but not yet occurred for a given SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Financial Detail - It shows an itemized list of all transactions for revenue/expense and balance sheet accounts. Can be used in the reconciliation process.
  • m-Fin Abnormal Balance - Shows either a Resource Deficit Report or an Abnormal Account Balance Report, or both. The Resource Deficit Report displays SpeedTypes with either a negative cash balance or positive net assets, and the Abnormal Account Balance Reports shows accounts with abnormal balances (i.e., debit accounts with credit balances or credit accounts with debit balances).
  • m-Fin SpeedType One-Liner - Shows the financial basis for multiple speedtypes, in a one-line-per-speedtype presentation. This is similar to m-Fin Project SpeedType One-Liner, however, this report is meant for all funds rather than just project funds.

Revenue and Expenditure Reports

Expenditure Type Reports

  • m-Fin Expenditure Type Summary - Shows a summary by expenditure types (salaries and wages, benefits, operating expenses, and travel) for a given SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Expenditure Type - Shows summarized expenditure categories within a fiscal year, subtotaled by org and grouped by fund.
  • m-Fin Expenditures Cumulative by Month Charts - Shows summarized expenditure categories by month within a fiscal year, by SpeedType, Program, or Project, in the following graphs: Budget Minus Encumbrances and Prorated Budget.

Balance Sheet Reports

  • m-Fin Balance Sheet Summary - Shows the summarized balances for balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities, and net assets). Provides page breaks by SpeedType.
  • m-Fin Balance Sheet Total - Shows the summarized balances for balance sheet accounts (assets, liabilities, and net assets). Provides page breaks by fund.

Trial Balance Reports

Account Number Reports

Budget Reports

  • m-Fin Budget to Actual - Shows a traditional budget-actual-encumbrances report with one line per SpeedType, and can separate the continuing and temporary budget for each SpeedType.

Specialized Reports

  • m-Fin Accounting Summary Report - Shows the net assets and liabilities at the beginning of the fiscal year, and subsequent revenues and expenditures. Also shows current cash balance.
  • m-Fin Audit Trail - Shows a summation of account code balances for SpeedTypes for specified funds.
  • m-Fin Fiscal Roles - Shows positions and individuals that have been assigned fiscal roles (e.g. program manager, project principal) for a specific SpeedType, Organization Code, Organization Node, or Position Number. Note: This report does not display budgets, actuals, or encumbrances.  Each different fiscal role listing starts on its own page.
  • m-Fin Journal Entry Approver Incompatible Access - Shows journal entries having the same approver as creator, run by user.
  • m-Fin K Exhibit - Shows a project's net assets as of the beginning of the fiscal year and then subsequent revenues and expenditures, sorting and subtotaling by codes that represent granting agencies.
  • m-Fin NACUBO Expense Purpose - Shows the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) groups for each program and project.
  • m-Fin Accounting Summary by SpeedType: Shows summarized account code information, or total budget information, for multiple SpeedTypes, displayed in columns.

m-Fin Look-Ups


m-Fin Project Reports

Project Reports

  • m-Fin Award Code: Shows a one page summary of the financial activity associated with an award.
  • m-Fin Payments Received - Shows payments received from granting agencies for Clinical Trials.
  • m-Fin Payments Received Org Overview - Shows payments received from granting agencies for Clinical Trials, summarized by each project within an organization.
  • m-FIN Project Actuals Detail – Shows expenditures on a project that have occurred before or after a particular date of significance to the project.
  • m-FIN Project Expenditures by Month – Shows summarized project expenditures by month for any specified range of months, including the for the federal fiscal year.
  • m-Fin Project Financial Status: Shows an Available Balance Summary, an optional Assets and Liabilities Summary, highly summarized Expenditures summary, an optional cumulative expenditures chart, and an optional salaries, wages, and benefits section, for a specific Project (with consolidated subclasses).
  • m-Fin Project One-Liner: Shows the financial basics for a project(s) in a one-line presentation.
  • m-Fin Project Spending Trends: Shows an analysis of a Project at the Project level, rather than the SpeedType level (for projects that have subclasses).
  • m-Fin Receivables Activity: Shows detailed receivables for a Project, for any Source Code that is not from the revenue recognition process.
  • m-Fin Receivables Transaction Finder: Shows search results for a payment, by dollar amount, or Project ID, from a Project sponsor that was booked to the wrong FOPPS.
  • m-Fin Project SpeedType One-Liner: Shows the financial basis for multiple projects, in a one-line-per-speedtype presentation. This is similar to the m-FIN Project One-liner, but, for multi-speedtype projects, each speedtype gets its own line. Multi-speedtype projects are those projects using subclass.

m-Fin Payroll Reports

Payroll Reports

  • m-Fin Compensation Summary - Totals pay by position.
  • m-Fin Payroll Transactions - Lists the detail accounting for pay and benefits for an employee over a range of accounting periods you specify. This detail is then summed into a compensation summary on the final page.
  • m-Fin Position Budget Report - Shows position budgets compared to payments, and monthly payments to each position over time.
  • m-FIN Position Budget II – Shows position budget transactions in comparison to the actuals transactions side-by-side over a period of time.
  • m-Fin Payroll Accounting Period: Shows summarized payroll information for a specific accounting period, by SpeedType, sorted by employee.
  • m-Fin Payroll Fiscal Year: Shows summarized payroll information for a fiscal year, displayed by month, for a specific employee or SpeedType (sorted by employee).
  • m-Fin Payroll Fiscal Year Detail: Shows detailed payroll information, for a fiscal year, displayed by month, for a specific employee or SpeedType (sorted by employee).

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