Why Run This Report:

To see a menu of suggested reports for a SpeedType, Org/Org node, Project, Award, or Project Principal.

Watch the Mini-Webinar:

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See a Sample Report:

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Key Notes


  • Launch links to relevant training documentation. ​Click on the Report Guide & Sample icon next to any report to see more information about it.
  • If you enter a SpeedType, Project, or Project Award Code, the menu of reports will be sorted by the level of detail each report provides.
  • If you enter an Org or Orgnode, the menu of reports will be sorted by fund group. You can use the upper prompts to isolate fund groups or browse the Org tree.
  • Like one of the reports? Schedule it. ​
  • For simplicity, Launch offers only some of the reports you can run.​ For a full listing of m-Fin reports, visit the m-Fin Reports Training page.


Can I schedule m-Fin Launch?
m-Fin Launch is not available for scheduling. However, you can schedule any of the reports listed within m-Fin Launch.

The Finish button doesn't become available when I try to run by Project.
The Project field is case sensitive. Be sure to enter any letters in uppercase.

I can't run reports from Launch. I can only run them from the Finance folder.
You may need to clear your cache. With your preferred internet browser open, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Command+Shift+Delete in MacOS) to open the Clear browsing data window. There, you can choose to clear data from your browsing history, cookies or cached images and files. After clearing the cache, close and reopen your browser. 

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