Why Run This Report:

To view the financial basics for multiple speedtypes, in a one-line-per-speedtype presentation.

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Key Notes


  • Presentation can be simple or complex, depending on the extra columns added to the output
  • SpeedType and FY Actuals are the only "delivered" columns, everything else is "extra"
  • Subtotal and Sort options help corral SpeedTypes into logical groups
  • Deficits in Available Balance are highlighted red
  • Related reports
    • Project One-Liner, Project SpeedType One-Liner in the Project Reports folder
    • SpeedType Summary in the Finance folder


Q: Which report columns are most useful for each type of Fund? 

A: Depending on whether a fund is cash-based or budget-based, you may find different Extras useful. 

For cash-based funds (Funds 2X, 34, 7X): 

Include FY Begin Cash, Budget, To Date Actuals, Encumbrances, Cash, and Available Balance.  

For a Fund 34, also include the Gift Expense Purpose.

For budget-based funds (Funds 10, 30, 31, 33): 

Include Continuing and Temporary Budget columns, Budget, To Date Actuals, Encumbrances, Budget Balance after Encumbrances, and Available Balance.

For Fund 30, also include F&A Encumbrances.

Q: Why is the balance on the SpeedType One-Liner sometimes different than what shows up on the Operating Summary? 

A: The Operating Summary includes the Available Balance calculation. If you want this calculation on the SpeedType One-liner, select Available Balance from the Extras menu.

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