Devote your first month with eComm to completing new user training and a short quiz to make it 'official'. New user training courses are outlined below and should be completed based on the applications for which you have been granted access.

PREVIOUS STEP | Login Details

You will receive login credentials, instructions and an invitation to register for training prep on the first Wednesday of the month.


CURRENT STEP | New User Training

Login | all new users
New users should have recieved their credentials along with login instructions from the eComm Training Manager around the 5th of the month. If you did not get this email or have issues logging in for the first time, contact

Intro to Training & Understand CAN-SPAM | all new users
Attend Intro to Training to understand the importance of CAN-SPAM and your role in keeping CU compliant. 

Understand CAN-SPAM

Marketing Cloud | all new Marketing Cloud users
Learn how to create and deliver an email invitation via Marketing Cloud.

Create & Send an Email

Cvent | all new Cvent users
Cvent is eComm's event management platform. Forms can be built to support simple or complex events and can be customized easily.

Create an Event Registration Site

Salesforce | all new Salesforce & Marketing Cloud users
Salesforce holds all of eComm's data, which makes it critical to our use of Marketing Cloud - namely for creating targetted audiences. Your eComm specialist creates your audiences in Salesforce, so your expertise is not essential (although beneficial). New users are encouraged to focus their attention on Marketing Cloud and/or Cvent first and later learn Salesforce to avoid being overwhelmed. 

Navigate Salesforce

NEXT STEP | Post-Training Quiz

Once you complete new user training and understand the basics, complete a short verification quiz to make it 'official'. You have the option to join a live, virtual session with the eComm training manager and fellow new users or you can complete it on your own.