You will receive login credentials, instructions and an invitation to register for new user training on the first Wednesday of the month.

PREVIOUS STEP | Provisioning

After completing data security training, send screenshots of your SkillSoft course summary to your eComm specialist, who will submit a license request on the last Friday of each month.


CURRENT STEP | Login Details

Welcome to the eComm platform! Here’s some information to get you started.


This page contains links to the eComm applications Salesforce (select your campus), Marketing Cloud and Cvent. 

Your Credentials...

Login at /ecomm/login (select Salesforce)
Choose your campus and use your campus credentials
You will always use your campus credentials to login to Salesforce.

Login at /ecomm/login (select Cvent)
Account Name: UCCO003
Temporary Password: ecomm4cvent

Choose a new password
Accept terms of use
You are now logged into Cvent!

Login at /ecomm/login (select Marketing Cloud)
Temporary Password: ecomm4mc!

You will be prompted to ‘Send Activation Email’ (leave this window open in your browser)
Check your inbox and look for an email from Marketing Cloud with an activation code. Copy this code
Go back to your browser (step 1 above) and paste the code
You will now be prompted to update your security questions. Change them and save.
You will get receive an email from "University of Colorado" saying that your account security questions' answers were changed.
You are now logged into Marketing Cloud!
IMPORTANT! You’re almost done. Change your password.
In Marketing Cloud, navigate to the top right, click the down arrow by your name, and select ‘Cloud Preferences.’
Click the ‘Change Password’ button
Enter your temporary password (ecomm4mc!), and enter your new Marketing Cloud password that is for you (and you, only)
Click Save, near top left.
You’ll receive an email from CU Boulder Campus Communications saying that your account password was reset

Check out our support resources:

Webinars -
Wiki -
Help ticket - /ecomm/submit-help-ticket

NEXT STEP | New User Training

Devote the second and third week of the month to new user training. Build your knowledge of eComm's suite of tools along with federal laws that pertain to you as a communicator.