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Preparing for a loaner laptop

If your work device is having an issue that requires sending it out for repair, you will receive a loaner device from the Service Desk.

Since most of our work is stored on cloud in Microsoft 360’s OneDrive, this shouldn’t cause a disruption to your work, especially if you prepare by reviewing these suggestions.

Before turning in your device

  1. Confirm that all your files are backed up to OneDrive.
  2. Sign out of any personal accounts, especially your password manager if you use one.
  3. If you rely on pinned items in your Windows clipboard, such as html code or special characters, paste them into an email to yourself to quickly reset a clipboard on the loaner device.
  4. If you reply on the Quick Access in File Manager, note the location of key folders before turning in your device.
  5. Log out of the device and remove your wireless mouse dongle, if applicable.

When you receive your loaner

  1. Confirm you have WiFi access. Some devices list Network under the Cisco AnyConnect Client.
  2. Confirm that Zoom, Outlook and any software specific to your role is downloaded.
  3. Log into your preferred browser for access to saved bookmarks.
  4. Copy and pin items to your clipboard.
  5. Update any settings, such as your email signature and display settings.



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