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Use OneDrive to backup your work

Hard drive failures happen. Every year, the Service Desk receives calls from frantic users who have lost work that wasn’t properly backed up. Setting up OneDrive as your default location to save files will help you avoid this scenario.

Microsoft 365 provides 5 TB of storage space for each licensed OneDrive user. Once you sync your files with OneDrive, you can access them on any computer, mobile device or tablet with internet access. You can even retain your folder organization.

  1. Start by logging in to OneDrive on a PC or a Mac.
  2. Then set up your device to automatically sync files and folders from your Documents and other folders within Windows to your OneDrive account. Our how-to guide walks you through how to sync files and folders to OneDrive on a PC or a Mac.

You can also learn more about using OneDrive by exploring these LinkedIn Learning courses:

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