Thoughtful planning and inviting your participants to make requests for accommodation on all your communication will minimize surprises and allow you to respond to requests efficiently.
Gearing up for an event can be tough. Thankfully, Cvent offers functionality to help streamline operations to make sure that your event preparation goes smoothly. When you combine that with their handy tips and tricks for utilizing best practices, you'll be able to transition seamlessly into your next event.
We talk a lot about how Salesforce is the center of the eComm ecosystem. But what does that really mean? How does Salesforce work? What can be achieved with Salesforce? Are there specific ways that Salesforce can be translated to adapt to the world of higher ed? The answers to those questions, and more, can be found in these upcoming Salesforce calendar items.
Creating compelling emails is only part of of a successful marking campaign, but it is an important part. The layout, design, and overall look of an email can have significant impact on the engagement that it drives. A great resource for new ideas and design suggestions is Really Good Emails. Really Good Emails is a collection of, well.... really good emails.
With the new year underway, take a few moments to catch up on the December 2017 TaskRay product updates. While you're at it, review TaskRay's tips and tricks for making this year your most productive yet.
Everyone knows how precious minutes are, especially during a busy event week. Take back time on your calendar by using handy tips and tricks highlighted by Cvent experts.
With luck, the holidays will be a slower time for you and your team. Consider using some of this extra time to review your communications and look at how you might implement industry best practices for email marketing. A good place to start may be with this blog post from Litmus, outlining ten best practices.
With the new year just around the corner, now is a great time to take a look at projected 2018 industry trends for email marketing. It's also a great time to read up on the January 2018 Marketing Cloud release notes.
Hard as it may be to believe, the new calendar year is just around the corner. Take a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on this month's SET happenings including a training program recap and checklist for year-end action items.
The latest Cvent product update has just been released! New and improved functionality is outlined in a recent Cvent webinar. You can also read through the release notes or flip through the release presentation slide deck.