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Want to know more about important policies at CU but don’t know where to start? The Office for Policy and Efficiency (OPE) has put together a useful set of policy links to help orient stakeholders to the different policy areas and levels at CU, as well as a collection of top policy stories of 2021. 

In the 5 Key Resources for University of Colorado Policies below, you will learn about the overarching CU policy framework and hierarchy, how to find university-related policies and procedures, where to follow the latest policy news and changes, and importantly, how to stay connected and engaged. OPE welcomes your feedback and suggestions, from input on the policymaking and policy review process to ideas and potential solutions pertaining to increasing efficiency and effectiveness at CU.  

Among the biggest policy stories of 2021 at CU, you will find information about the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, a law designed to reduce compensation gaps based on sex or gender identity, or sex or gender identity plus another protected status, between workers doing substantially similar work; updated Regent Policy 3.C, a policy guiding CU presidential searches; updates to the Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking policy, made in response to recent federal court decisions and Department of Education guidance; the Healthy Families and Workplace Act, which requires employers to provide sick leave to employees at a rate of one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked; and the Tuition Assistance Benefit policy, which allows qualifying employees to receive up to nine credits waived for eligible courses each academic year, either for themselves, or a dependent. 

Key Resources for University of Colorado Policies:

  1. University Policy Framework and Hierarchy
  2.  Where to find university-related policies and procedures
  3. Latest Policy News 
  4. Policies Under Review or Recently Changed
  5. Questions, Feedback or Suggestions

Biggest Policy Stories of 2021 – as of October 21, 2021

  1. Colorado Equal Pay Act
  2. Regent Policy 3.C – Regarding the CU Presidential Search
  3. Sexual Misconduct Policy
  4. Healthy Families and Workplaces Act
  5. Tuition Assistance Benefits