A. Campus Constitution. 
Each campus faculty senate shall establish a campus faculty constitution, through an affirmative vote of not less than two thirds of the campus faculty senate members voting on the constitution. That constitution shall be consistent with this University of Colorado Faculty Senate Constitution, the Laws of the Regents Regent policies and the laws, regulations and constitutions of the State of Colorado and of the United States. The constitution shall establish a campus faculty assembly as the representative body of campus faculty governance and may make such other provisions as the campus faculty senate shall deem appropriate.

B. Campus Faculty Assembly

  1. Membership and Organization. Membership and organization of each faculty assembly shall be described in its constitution and bylaws.

    Officers. Each campus faculty assembly shall elect a chair, a vice chair and a secretary, and shall constitute an executive committee which has powers to act between meetings of the assembly. The officers and executive committee are responsible for ensuring that the members of the campus faculty senate are kept informed of the activities of the faculty assembly and its committees. 
  2. Functions and Responsibilities. As provided by and in accordance with the laws and policies of the Board of Regents, the campus faculty assembly shall have the following powers and responsibilities: 
    1. Joint Responsibility with Campus Administration. The faculty assembly shall take the initiative for establishing, by mutual agreement with the chancellor or vice chancellor for academic affairs for that campus, procedures governing the form and nature of consultation that is to occur between them, the nature of the issues in which consultation is to be required and matters as to which notice of impending action shall be given. The agreement shall provide for a basic budget to cover staff support, office expenses, travel and appropriate operation of faculty governance, so that only appropriate variations need be negotiated from year to year. Both the faculty assembly and its committees and the officers of the campus administration shall be responsible for communicating with each other through appropriate channels. 
    2. Relationship with Faculty Council. Each campus faculty assembly shall be responsible for electing or appointing its campus's representatives to the Faculty Council and the Faculty Council committees, as provided in Article III hereof, and for ensuring that the activities of the assembly and its committees are coordinated with the activities of the Faculty Council and its committees. 
    3. Selection and evaluation of the Chancellor. The campus faculty assembly shall nominate to the president faculty members to serve on the search committee for the selection of the chancellor of the campus. In addition, the campus faculty assembly shall work with the president on comprehensive evaluation(s) of the chancellor of that campus. The president makes recommendations to the Board of Regents for the chancellor's selection and retention
  3. Jurisdiction. Faculty assemblies shall have jurisdiction over faculty governance matters affecting more than one college or school on the campus in question.