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The Faculty Council is the executive body of the Faculty Senate. It initiates recommendations to the president or appropriate administrative officials for submission to the Board of Regents, on matters within the jurisdiction of the Council that are related to educational policy, and the internal and external operation of the University.

The Faculty Council shall have jurisdiction over faculty governance matters affecting more than one campus of the university.

As stated in Constitution Article I.A.2., the Faculty Council is the representative governing body of the Faculty Senate and consists of senate members elected or appointed as provided in Article III. The standing committees of the Faculty Council are those defined in Article III. 

The senate year shall be from July 1 to June 30, inclusive. The terms of all elected members of the Faculty Council, of faculty members of Senate and Council committees and of campus faculty assemblies shall conform to the senate year. Election of new members of the Faculty Council and of standing committees of the Faculty Council shall take place in the spring semester.

More Information

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Governing Documents of the Faculty Council