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Faculty Senate Constitution, Article I.B. Principles of Participation:

It is a guiding principle of the shared governance recognized by the Board of Regents that the faculty and the administration shall collaborate in major decisions affecting the academic welfare of the university. The nature of that collaboration, shared as appropriate with students and staff, varies according to the nature of the decisions in question. Regent Law Article 5.A.1(A)

The faculty takes the lead in decisions concerning selection of faculty, educational policy related to teaching, curriculum, research, academic ethics and other academic matters. The administration takes the lead in matters of internal operations and external relations of the university. 

In every case, the faculty and the administration participate in the governance and operation of the university as provided by and in accordance with the laws and policies of the Board of Regents, and the laws and regulations of the State of Colorado. 

The chair or other designated representative of the Faculty Council shall be the spokesperson for the faculty when addressing the Board of Regents on matters of importance to shared governance.