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Training And Documentation


Lisa Vallad of FPBS teaches an excellent half-day m-Fin class for System Administration, Denver | Anschutz, and UCCS. Sign up for it via the new Training tab at the top of the m-Fin blog.


FPBS also documents all m-Fin reports and recently overhauled this documentation, orienting it for on-line use. Features common to most m-Fin reports are described in one place rather than repeated in each document. See Reporting System Learning Resources under Related Links. Don't see the links I am talking about? You are probably reading this blog post as an e-mail message and need to click into the blog web site.


Amy - Thanks for this feedback. The OUC's intent is to document each report with an example output page like what you have described. Go into the Help folder under the Finance folder and choose the Cognos Reporting System Learning Resources link. Then click on the m-Fin tab. For someone just trying to get oriented, however, this is a lot of pdf's to open. So we also have an alternate way providing a menu to the reports in Cognos in mind. It's just something we've worked on in-house here in the OUC, but if it gets to looking more promising we could have the start of that available in Cognos QA in the summer.
Amy Nickerson
Being a user who only does Post-Award part-time, the m-Fin reporting has now become too large to know what's available. There are over 50 reports and it's not user friendly for figuring out all of the reports available. I think it would be helpful, once the 'finance' link is selected is to have a folder marked "Table of Contents" with all of the reports listed with a description of the report and a PDF attachment as an example.

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