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Current Incumbent

Posted on Wednesday 30 Jul 2014 by Carl


Usually it’s hard to use a list of position numbers that doesn’t show the names of the people that are in the positions. So when we created the m-Fin POSITION BUDGET report we made it display the ID and name of each position’s current incumbent. This is important to understand when you have positions that have been occupied by different people over time. The report is just identifying the *current* incumbent in order to cue the reader which position is which. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the actuals shown on the line, the money paid to people working that position, all went to the person shown. In this example $24,183.36 has been paid to position 00503120 and Louis Armstrong is shown. Louis Armstrong may not have been the recipient of all of this pay, however, if someone else was working the position earlier.

Data about the position currently held by Armstrong.

Confusing? Turn it off.

Now available for you to test in Cognos QA [19-aug-2014 migrated to production] : When our intended helpful cue does not serve your purpose, you can turn it off:

Now you can elect to display only the position number.


Also, don’t forget about this report’s second page of output. It’s for when you need to see who really got paid and when. It is unchanged – not affected by our new prompt.

Pay history

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