If you currently have a @cusys.edu e-mail address, we are asking you to transition to your @cu.edu e-mail address as part of a long-term clean up effort.. 

UIS has designed and implemented a forwarding system for the old cusys.edu e-mail addresses that translates the cusys.edu e-mail addresses to the same name address at cu.edu. Even though the e-mail is checked for SPAM content, the forwarded e-mail is subjected to less rigorous criteria. That will cause more SPAM e-mails to be accepted by our Office 365 system and delivered to your account.

The solution for this issue is to decommission your old cusys.edu e-mail address. An e-mail was sent to you detailing the subject and senders of e-mail shipped to your old cusys.edu e-mail over a month or more. We want you to review that list, and work with any valid senders who are still shipping to your old e-mail address. That may include e-mail lists you have subscribed to and from which still wish to receive e-mails. If so, we ask you to work with your list admins to change your e-mail address to your @cu.edu e-mail address. You will need to perform this corrective action with any valid senders you identify from this list.

After you've done so, please contact ecs-infrastructure@cu.edu, either now or by replying to your e-mail, saying that your the old @cusys.edu e-mail can now be blocked. We'll do so as soon as we can, and reply to you when the block is in place.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at ecs-infrastructure@cu.edu. We'll work with you individually to address any concerns.