UIS is committed to protecting CU's information security. 

Our charter includes developing and executing on policy for authentication to systems, technology usage and conducting risk assessments, along with many additional System Administration information security needs. 

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Email access@cu.edu to speak with a member of the UIS Access and Identity Management team.


Learn more about the Identity & Access Management team

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) team serves the entire CU community in partnership with CU campus IT departments, CU campus IDM/IAM teams, campus security approvers, and other business stakeholders.


The IAM team provides the following services for CU enterprise applications and various System Administration applications:

  • Access Control
    • Authentication (Authn)
      • Single Sign On (SSO)
      • Federated Authentication
      • LDAP Authentication
      • Local/Native Authentication
      • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Application Firewalls
      • ERP Firewall
      • Custom Access Control Filters
  • Identity Management
    • Authorization Management (Authz)
      • Application Security (Enterprise Applications)
        • Application Roles and Permissions
      • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
      • API Authorization
    • Provisioning
      • Access Request Processing
      • Provisioning/De-provisioning
      • Enterprise Application Account Support
      • Account Management
      • Password Management
  • Directory Services
    • Directory Stores
    • Directory Virtualization
  • Audit Support
    • Identity Analysis
    • Segregation of Duties Management
    • Access Audits
    • Data Protection

CU Identities/Accounts

  • CU System ID
    • Active Directory account at CU System Administration for access to most resources.
  • CU PeopleSoft ID
    • OID account used for accessing certain PeopleSoft resources via LDAPS.
      • Application Designer
      • Bypass Logins
  • CIW Account
  • ISSM Account
  • DARWin/u.Achieve Account


  • Identity Providers
    • PingFederate
    • ADFS
    • FedAuthN
  • Authentication
    • Duo Security
    • PeopleSoft
  • Directory
    • Active Directory
    • Oracle Internet Directory
    • Oracle Unified Directory
    • Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Identity Governance
    • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Access Management
    • ERP Firewall
  • Application Security
    • PeopleSoft
    • ISSS
    • uAchieve
    • CIW

The Team

The IAM Team includes:

  • IAM Developers
  • IAM Business Analysts
  • IAM Account Support Specialists
  • PeopleSoft Security Admins