After completing data security training, send screenshots of your SkillSoft course summary to your eComm specialist, who will submit a license request on the last Friday of each month.

PREVIOUS STEP | Data Security Training

Once your eComm specialist determines you're a good candidate for an eComm license, complete data security training.


CURRENT STEP | Provisioning

Provisioning is the process of getting assigning a license to a new eComm user. The Center of Excellence (COE) completes this process. Each license is set up specifically for you and your department so you have access to the resources that make sense for you.

Provisioning Schedule

Provisioning requests must be submitted by your eComm specialist before the last Friday of each month. New users will receive their login credentials the following Wednesday.

NEXT STEPS | Login Details

You will receive login credentials, instructions and an invitation to register for new user training on the first Wednesday of the month.