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Setting up out-of-office replies in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows users to set up automatic message replies when they are unavailable. When automatic replies are set, an email will be sent in response to any email you receive during the time range you set. Let your customers and coworkers know when they can expect to hear from you by following these steps.

To create an automatic reply in Classic Outlook

  1. Open Outlook Email and select File from the top corner.
  2. Select Automatic Replies. A pop-up window will open.
  3. Click on Send automatic replies.
  4. Choose to start the automatic response right away or choose the day and time range when you would like your message to be sent.
  5. Type your message. Often, it is helpful to include when you will return and who should be contacted for immediate assistance.
  6. Use the toolbar to format your message.
  7. Select OK.

To create an automatic reply in the new version of Outlook

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. In the Accounts tab, click on Automatic Replies
  3. Select Turn on automatic replies and choose your desired timeframe, message and recipients.
  4. Select Save.

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