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Hey, did you see my email?

With the volume of emails we get, it is possible that you or a colleague will miss a few responses. Flagging emails for a follow up can help remind yourself or recipients to emails that require a response.

Flag emails for yourself: You’re sending a message that requires a response. You want to make sure you don’t forget about the request and you get the information you need. A flag to yourself lets you know that you asked others for a response. By adding a flag, you’ll see a to-do item in Tasks and the Tasks peek.

Flag for recipients: A flag on a message to recipients adds extra emphasis. A flag appears in the message list and text appears above the From line in the message. An item will be added to his or her to-do list and will send them a reminder on the due date.

Get step-by-step instructions to flag emails for yourself or for others here.

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