Activate your OneDrive account

 System Administration is changing its backup services from Code42 to OneDrive, an online service included in your Office 365 license that brings more benefits to you at a significantly lower cost to CU. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced flexibility: Once the files are synced with OneDrive, users can access their files on their computer, mobile device or in the cloud.
  • Version control: You can view or restore previous versions of documents in OneDrive. Version control is accessible through Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Restore deleted files: The Service Desk can restore deleted files from OneDrive up to 30 days after deletion. 
  • Storage included in our Office 365 license: OneDrive offers users 5 TB of storage space with our Office 365 licenses. 
  • Easy organization: You can store any kind of file on OneDrive, including photos, video and documents. 

Complete the steps on our website by Feb. 1, when our current backup service expires. 


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