IOS Marketing Cloud Training

Training is approached in phases. Depending on where your unit is with being onboarded to Marketing Cloud, certain features may not be available. You're welcome to check out future resources, even if currently unavailable or applicable.


1 | Pre-Access Requirements & Request Access

Before getting access to Marketing Cloud, new users must complete the following SkillSoft courses. The following materials are intended to educate CU employees on protecting constituent data in general where training in the Marketing Cloud tools will come in step 2 (below). 

​ Skillsoft Courses
complete every 3 years

CU: Information Security for IT Service Providers | Course ID: _scorm12_cu_u00064_0001​
This 40-minute course covers your responsibilities for protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information at CU. 

CU: FERPA for CU-SIS Access | Course ID: _scorm12_cu_u00049_0001​
This 45-minute course covers how federal law protects student education records.

complete every 2 years

ICU: Information Security Awareness | Course ID: _scorm12_cu_u00063_0001
This 30-minute course covers how to protect university and private information. 

After completing the above pre-access requirements, request access to Marketing Cloud to initiate email creation onboarding and training.

Request Access to Marketing Cloud


2 | Email Creation


Login (bookmark this link)

A kick-off session will be hosted for groups being onboarded, where we will first dive into creating emails. Attendees are expected to log in to Marketing Cloud for the first time, before coming to the session. Credentials and login instructions will be provided 1-2 days in advance. 

Email Creation in Content Builder

Testing, Review & Approval


  • Tracking
    • Found in the 'Test Send Emails' sub-folder if sent via 'Preview & Test'.

The Marketing Cloud Email Creation Quiz will take about 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

Email Creation Quiz | 20 - 30 minutes


Session Recordings

Become an Expert Email Creator

3 | Send Emails

Salesforce Reporting

Marketing Cloud Data Extensions

Send Emails


Email Sending Quiz | Coming Soon


Users who pass the all quizzes will get access to send emails within Marketing Cloud.


4 | Advanced