Below you will find access related information on the different services that the University manages across our four campuses. The focus on this page is to document and reference the different services managed by the System Administration office, and detail our shared services with our campus partners.

Please review and select one of our services below for more information regarding the request process as well as the resources used to support that service. More information can also be found by referencing the UIS service catalog.

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Is this page for me?

If you are an affiliate of the CU System Administration campus or an affiliate of one of our our academic campuses looking for ERP system access, then this request page is for you!

If you are an affiliate of an academic campus of CU (CU Boulder, UC Denver|Anschutz , UCCS), and need information regarding a specific campus resources not seen below please contact your respective campus IT office.

What access should I request?

You should always start with your manager or supervisor to determine what applications and resources you need access to. Once that has been evaluated you will need to work with your campus access coordinator to determine what roles are appropriate for the given resources. 

Training Requirements

Most University systems require some level of training before access will be granted. Courses can be completed online through Skillsoft or through scheduled in-person led trainings. For more information related to system trainings please reference the information below or visit our CU training matrix

  • Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS): FERPA training is mandatory for any system access and can be completed through Skillsoft
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) : Roles and Trainings
  • Finance System: Roles and Trainings

CU Applications & Services Access

More information regarding our applications and services can be found by clicking the respective links below.

Access to these applications and services are controlled through dynamic Adobe PDF forms and CU Identity Manager

  • Our CU Adobe forms may only be accessed from one of the CU campuses
  • Adobe PDF forms will require a digital signature for completion. Please review the following hyperlink for more information regarding Adobe digital signatures
  • CU Identity Manager requires a University account in order to authenticate into that service. Please reference the 'University Accounts' section below for more information. 


CU ERP Resources:

CU System Administration - Access Services