CU System Accounts

At this time the CU System Administration has several different user accounts used for accessing different resources. Over time UIS is working to reduce this number and use the CU System ID for access to all resources.


CU System ID

What is a CU System ID? 

A CU System ID is the user account and password for CU System Administration users and affiliates. CU System Administration uses Active Directory for its primary account management. This account is used to access a variety of resources including the CU System Portal, network, email, laptops, VPN, and many others.

How do I get my an account?

System Administration Employees: New employees will have an account created automatically.

System Administration POIs and Campus Affiliates: Please fill out the CU System ID request form for this account access.

How do I reset my password?

See the direction on the UIS Service Desk's "How to" page under Office Networking and Passwords.

CU PeopleSoft ID

What is a CU PeopleSoft ID?

A CU PeopleSoft ID is a directory account used by IT professionals and some business office super users to log into specific PeopleSoft resources that cannot use the CU System ID or campus credentials. Example are Application Designer, Excel to CI functionality, PeopleSoft Test Framework, etc. A CU PeopleSoft ID is NOT required for general access to PeopleSoft applications. Normal access is federated and uses campus credentials.

What applications is it used for?

At this time this is available only for the HCM and FIN applications.

Who needs a CU PeopleSoft ID?

Only certain IT professionals and business office super users need a CU PeopleSoft ID.

How do I request a CU PeopleSoft ID?

Send an email to explaining what you need the account for.

CIW Account

What is a CIW Account?

A CIW account is used for accessing the Central Information Warehouse (CIW) via ODBC connection.

How do I request a CIW Account?

A CIW account is created for each user that is granted access to the CIW via a CIW Access Request Form.

How do I reset my password for my CIW Account?

Follow our step-by-step guide to reset your password.