UIS is updating the Tableau server to version 2023.3.x for all three environments: private Dev, private PRD, and Public.

  • During the upgrade window, UIS will prepare & install the new Tableau Server version on all three environments while maintaining the current server version 2022.1.20. The current environment will continue to be available until the upgrade go-live.
  • We expect no downtime during the Tableau Server upgrade window during business hours.
  • The Data & BI team will initially conduct System Integration Testing (SIT) on the new installation to verify server stability before handing it over for testing by the campus UAT testers.
  • The Data & BI team will provide the Site Administrator and campus testers with the URL for the new Tableau Server installation once the servers are ready for testing and validation.
  • The Site Administrator and campus testers will test the new Tableau DEV installation for approximately three weeks. If no significant issues arise during this testing window and the campus users are satisfied with the performance of the new installation, UIS will proceed with the installations of Tableau Public and Tableau PRD.

Will the Tableau Servers be unavailable?

No, during the upgrade window, there will be no disruption of services across the respective Tableau environments. This upgrade will be performed in parallel, ensuring that all environments remain operational throughout the upgrade process.

The Data & BI team kindly asks for your assistance in informing stakeholders about this upgrade approach and ensuring they are prepared and available to commence testing and validation on the specified dates outlined below:

  • Tableau Dev Upgrade:

    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) begins at 10 a.m. Monday, June 24, 2024
    Expected cutover/go-live date: TBD

  • Tableau Prod Public Upgrade: 

    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) begins at 10 a.m. Monday, July 08, 2024

    Expected cutover/go-live date: TBD

  • Tableau Prod Private Upgrade:

    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 15, 2024

    Expected cutover/go-live date: TBD

Why and how to update to the new Tableau Desktop.


What are the new features of this upgrade?

More information will be shared as user acceptance testing happens. View our recent Tableau Users Group webinar with Coleman Wagoner sharing what to expect in this upgrade.

When and why should I upgrade to the new version of Tableau Desktop?

  • UIS recommends you upgrade to the new version of Tableau Desktop 2023.3.x.
  • By upgrading your desktop to 2023.3.x, you can take advantage of the new features as well as other improvements and enhancements.
  • To avoid compatibility issues, your Tableau Desktop version should be compatible with the Tableau Server version. 

For more information, visit Why and How to update to the new Tableau Desktop.

How do I update my desktop version?

Visit Tableau Support Releases to directly download the updated software to install on your device. If you do not have admin privileges to install third-party software on your work device, please contact your IT support team. It is best to have downloaded the software prior to your IT appointment.

IT Support for software installations:

Note: You do not need to uninstall the older version before you install the new version. You can install multiple release versions of Tableau Desktop. The older version will only be overwritten if they are different maintenance releases of the same version, i.e. if the second number in the version ID name is the same.

For example, version 2021.3.1 would be overwritten by 2021.3.2 but not by 2021.4.1. For more information on keeping older versions, visit Upgrade Tableau Desktop.

After you’ve used the new version for a while and have upgraded all your workbooks or flows, we recommend uninstalling the old version to avoid confusion and clutter.