The CU eComm program offers University of Colorado schools, colleges, units and departments a unified platform for electronic communications with University of Colorado alumni, donors, parents and friends via a suite of web-based tools.

eComm’s email marketing and form builder tools for CU communicators integrate with CU's source systems of more than 1.2 million records. This integration creates customized, targeted and engaging communications that capture valuable data in a dynamic and secure environment. An online community provides a secure and authenticated space for CU alumni to update their profile, search for and network with other CU alumni, identify communications and privacy preferences, register for events and more.


Why a single platform for an institution as broad and diverse as CU?

  • To improve the quality, currency and accuracy of data
  • Enhance the effectiveness of CU’s engagement with its audiences
  • Adhere to CAN-SPAM legislation
  • Save money
  • Provide a single, centralized environment for CU constituents to update their contact information, register for events, donate to CU and identify communication preferences

CU eComm works closely with the Office of Information Technology and CU Legal to ensure eComm applications are compliant and users are educated on best practices.


eComm keeps you compliant because we store email preferences and we’ve embedded an unsubscribe link in every email template. 
How does this affect me at CU? Learn more about the CAN-SPAM legislation and how it affects CU. 

eComm also ensures the highest compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Learn more about PCI Compliance and user best practices.