June 7, 2013

eComm new vendor update

CU’s eComm vendor, Harris Connect’s Internet Service Division was recently acquired by competitor iModules (see news release for more info). CU’s contract with Harris Connect is being honored by iModules through the original term, November 2013, with an option for up to a one year extension.

The President’s Office, working in tandem with campus leadership, is seeking a new vendor to replace Harris Connect. A comprehensive Request for Documented Quote will be posted within the next few weeks, and the vendor selection process will begin shortly thereafter.

eComm services will continue to be available via the Harris Connect tools for several months. There is currently no date identified for a vendor switch-over. However, a transition plan is being developed to ensure your business practices will suffer minimal disruption when the new services are implemented.

We will update you when further details become available.

Post your questions in the comments section below or email your eComm specialist. If you need help with eComm, contact your eComm specialist