Integrating external lists into Harris

If you have a list that you have been maintaining for your email contacts or to track special information about alumni, students or other constituents, you will now need to get that data into Harris in order to select your lists. Because the Harris database is fed out of the University of Colorado Advancement Alumni/Donor database (Advance) you will need to work with the Advancement  Processing Department to get this process moving.

What kinds of lists can Advancement add to their database?
Please send any list you have maintained outside of Advance. The Processing Department will review your data and work with you on getting it into Advance.

What information do I need to include in the list?
Ideally, the list will contain some combination of first and last names; student ID numbers or Advance entity ID numbers; graduation year and contact information. You should also provide information about the common factor linking the members of the list.

Why can’t I just keep working with my spreadsheet?
Integrating your contact information with all the other information collected by the University and the CU Advancement will improve the reliability of contact lists for all. Updated email addresses and other information that your constituents supply will be available to all users of the Harris email tool.
In addition, Harris is the University’s standard tool for email contact. Sending emails via Outlook, Constant Contact or other tools is no longer acceptable.

How long will it take to get my list ready so I can pull a query in Harris?
Your email addresses and other identifying information needs to be added to Harris BEFORE you need to send a message. The length of time it will take is dependent on the size of the list, the information provided and whether people in the list are already in Advance. Work will also go more quickly if you are able to respond promptly to questions from the Processing department.

I’ve got my list ready. Now what?
Upload your list here.

My data was added to Advance. Now how do I get to it?
How you get the data back out of Advance or Harris will depend on the common factor linking members of your list. The Processing Department will have told you if they have used a specific code for the list members. Contact your eComm specialist for assistance.

What if I have updates to my list after I’ve sent the file?
If you have a large amount of updates, upload your file here. If you have individual updates, email