Need an event invitation distributed and a website to collect event registrations? eComm is here to help. 

Submit the 'Build for me | Event Invitation' form below 2+ weeks prior to your desired delivery date. Melanie Jones will contact you soon to collect additional details on your event and coordinate deadlines along with responsible parties. This includes review, testing, and approval of the event invitation and event website. 

Your Information

Delivery Dates

Recipients should be able to easily determine who emailed them based on a clear and concise from name. It can be company/department specific (e.g. "CU-Boulder Alumni Association") or individual based (e.g. "Chancellor Phil DiStefano").

Audience Information

Describe the audience who you want to send your communication to. Be as specific as possible, such as 'CU Boulder faculty' or 'CU Denver Alumni who reside in Aurora'. If you have an excel list of your audience, attach it below.
(e.g. An Excel file with 30 individuals email addresses, or a list or Employees with a column of Employee ID's)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png txt rtf html pdf doc docx xls xlsx xml zip.
This image will be used in your email and on the event registration form.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
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Files must be less than 2 MB.
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Basic Event Information

Event Dates


Advertised vs. Actual Registration Deadline

Leave your RSVP form open longer than the advertised RSVP deadline. Need to get a count to your caterer on Friday? Tell folks registration closes on Wednesday to encourage 'early' registration.


Event Planner Information

Who should be the 'Event Planner'?

This person serves as the point of contact for all event invitees and registrants, answering any questions that may arise. The event planner's information will be displayed on 1) the event invitation, 2) the event registration form, and 3) all post-registration communications.


This person should have access to Cvent to manage invitees requests, such as cancelling an order and issuing a refund.

Payment Information

Select 'no' if, for example, a student who registers should be charged a different amount than a faculty member who registers for the same event.

Registrant Information

Simple and Complex Events

Cvent can be designed to support a variety of events. A simple event might be a small department collecting attendance for an internal training where food will be ordered. A more complex event might include 1,000+ alumni hosted at the Anschutz Medical Campus over three days. Attendees can customize their experience by chosing sessions they wish to attend, selecting optional alumni items for purchase, as well as adding the name of the guest they will bring.
Cvent has many functions that can be customized(turned on/off) based on your specific event. Above are some of the functions that are most commonly used at CU.

Post-Registration Communications