UIS continues to represent as leader in higher education technology at HEUG Alliance international conference

This March, the University of Colorado will have more presenters than any other university in the nation at the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) Alliance international conference, from March 23-25 in Salt Lake City. Hosted by CU’s primary enterprise application provider, Oracle, the three-day conference brings together over 3,500 attendees, 100 vendors and 350 sessions.

Each year, CU represents itself as a leader in high education technology by presenting our expertise and best practices in implementing and operating Oracle’s range of PeopleSoft and other applications.

Associate Vice President and CIO of UIS Scott Munson said, “The HEUG represents over 1,000 institutions across six continents.  Allowing our people to attend is an invaluable networking and educational opportunity to better serve CU and others.  Having the honor of presenting to such a large and diverse community is just one more way where CU is visible as a leader in higher education.  I’m incredibly proud of our people and CU’s reputation continues to grow because of them.”

The University of Colorado has over 20 presenters represented at this conference, with 14 presenters from UIS. Presentations are offered across nearly all Alliance tracks, with topics ranging from automating payroll, tuition calculations, fluid security, HCM, PeopleSoft deployment and more.

“The conference is important for a number of reasons. The ability to network and share ideas with other institutions using similar technical solutions is No. 1 on that list. By presenting at the conference, I am able to give back to other schools and contribute to the overall value of the conference for the broader HEUG community. Presenting also provides positive exposure for CU as well as for me as an individual,” said John Hanna, Student Financials Application Manager and fifth time presenter at HEUG.

Below are the different tracks and presentations from all UIS presenters:

Student Financials Track

  • Nok Sitchawat, John Hanna, and Nancy Mars are co-presenting “Blazing a New Trail Using Academic Plans for Tuition Calculation”
  • John Hanna is co-presenting “Expert Panel Discussion: The Future of Payments & Partnerships in Higher Education”
  • John Hanna is presenting “Related Content Redux - Making SF Staff More Efficient in a CS 9.2 and PT 8.55 World”

HCM Track

  • Amberly Scheppach is presenting “Automating Payroll Garnishments from HCM to FIN”
  • Toby Lutz is presenting “Soaking into PeopleSoft Fluid”

Grants, Contracts and Billing Track

  • Keith Carpenter is presenting “How CU Interfaced Award Modifications from InfoEd to Grants”

Security and Audit Track

  • Matt Lemme is presenting “Fluid Security”
  • Sean Curry and Matt Lemme are co-presenting “Working with your PeopleSoft Security Administrator”

Technical Track

  • Amardeep Tekriwal and Mayank Mittal are co-presenting “Integration Broker 101 and Beyond”
  • Srikanth Gurram is presenting “Integration Made Easy: Cloud Training Systems Integration With HCM”
  • Bob Hasenhundl and Toby Lutz is co-presenting “Interaction Hub and Fluid UI”
  • Mayank Mittal is presenting “PeopleSoft Deployment Automation, Tooling to Extend the DPK Model and Enable DevOps Practices”

Project and Change Management Track

  • Renato Cayuela is presenting “Managing Competing Priorities Between Operational and Project Work at CU System”

Special Sessions Track

  • Renato Cayuela is presenting Volunteering at HEUG: How Can I get Involved?

For a full list of CU’s presentations, visit the Alliance website and select the University of Colorado under the Organization selectio

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