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Transformation and Innovation Program projects move to IT Governance management

With the decision to consider the components of what had been called the Transformation and Innovation Program (TIP) as individual projects, oversight of key projects has transitioned to CU’s IT Governance Committee.

Launched in 2019, TIP’s goal was to help CU efficiently and effectively deliver technology services, and leverage technology’s role in advancing the university’s mission.

This summer, TIP efforts were reoriented to emphasize campus needs and priorities to best serve students, faculty and staff. At the same time, project management for TIP initiatives transitioned to the University Information Services (UIS) Project Management Office.

The IT Governance Committee collaborated to recommend TIP project priorities and to identify areas of shared benefit and risk. The committee brings together the COOs, CFOs and IT leadership from each campus, the system administration and Advancement to develop and align IT projects and strategies.

“I’m grateful to everyone involved with TIP for the technology assessment they completed and the priorities they identified. The collaborative IT Governance conversations facilitated around the TIP transition and their outcomes will give leadership the information we need to make informed decisions,” said CU President Todd Saliman.

IT Governance Committee’s collaboration recommended the following priorities to CU leadership:

  • IT Procurement
  • Data Governance and Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • UCCS Recruiting and Admissions

With approval from the president and chancellors, those four projects, as well as governance enhancements, will follow the IT Governance project management process, with updates regularly posted to the IT Governance website.

Ultimately, the transition to a campus-centered approach sparked the IT Governance Committee’s work to enact a collaborative, consensus-based approach to deliver technology services that work for all campuses.

“The collaboration seen through the IT Governance conversations allows us to take a thoughtful, sustainable approach to ensure the mission of each campus is served,” said Scott Munson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer of UIS at CU system administration.

Learn more about IT Governance’s framework, committee members and projects by visiting CU IT Governance.


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