Unlike the 2023 data center move, this move does not include any production environments and is not expected to affect university business operations.
University Information Services completed the year-long project to provide greater data performance, reliability, security and scalability. The P01 Data Center is now located in the Anschutz Health Sciences Building.
The University of Colorado systemwide data center move is complete. All systemwide applications are available.
All systemwide applications will be unavailable during the 68-hour implementation window starting at noon Oct. 6.
Final preparations are in place for moving more than 11 tons of IT equipment to CU Anschutz.
CU president, campus chancellors, and CU’s IT Governance committee approved the data center move to start at noon Friday, Oct. 6 and end by 8 a.m. Monday, Oct. 9. See how the move will affect the systems you use and begin planning.
This critical move will affect system availability for three days. UIS and campus IT partners are working to ensure minimal disruption during this transition.