Stability and performance for CU Enterprise Applications

Image visually representing that the 11,110 laptops demonstrating the 2 PB of storage in CU’s new hardware stacked on top of each other are almost as tall as the Empire State Building

In October 2016, the UIS Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) Infrastructure team completed a 4-year project to replace outdated storage hardware systems that house CU’s business data and records at all sites with enterprise storage systems. The new storage systems not only greatly improve performance and reliability for applications like Campus Solutions (CS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance (FIN), the employee and student portals and the President’s Office, they also increase the speed of access to this critical data.

ECS implemented technology that has been proven effective by the campuses, laying the foundation for future cross-campus data sharing, as well as economies of scale in storage solution hardware purchasing. The shift to the new technology reduces operational costs for the university by increasing application performance and reducing downtime. The new 2 Petabyte (PB) system allowed for migration of the existing 1.3 PB of data, while leaving plenty of space for projected data growth. How much storage is 2 PB? It’s equivalent to 11,110 personal laptops, each with a 180 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive. That’s a lot of data!

UIS could not have achieved this goal without the support and assistance of the IT teams at all four campuses. Thank for your teamwork and collaboration! 

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