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Scheduled maintenance windows through July 2025 announced

Planned maintenance windows from August 2024 through July 2025 have been scheduled and posted to the University Information Services Business Calendar. 

The UIS Business Calendar captures maintenance windows tied to updates and documents important campus and business cycle dates. This allows departments, faculty, and staff to identify enterprise system outages and plan accordingly. Campuses and teams can add or update campus events by filling out the UIS Business Calendar Request form

Production Windows 

Production windows affect our “live” systems with real-time data used by students, staff and faculty. When there is a production window, most live systems will not be available to users unless the production communication for that window states otherwise. Windows outside the normal 12-hour maintenance window time or day of the week are in bold below. Otherwise, windows last from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

  • August 2024 — No production window 
  • Sunday, Sept. 22, 2024 — Production Maintenance and ICS PUM 
  • Sunday, Oct. 20, 2024 — Production Maintenance and Critical Patch Updates: 6 a.m. – midnight 
  • Sunday, Nov. 17, 2024 — Production Maintenance and HCM PUM catchup 
  • Sunday, Dec. 8, 2022 — Production Maintenance and ICS PUM 
  • Sunday, Jan. 19, 2025 — Production Maintenance and Critical Patch Updates: 6 a.m. – noon 
  • Sunday, Feb. 16, 2025 – Production Maintenance and FIN PUM: 6 a.m. – midnight 
  • Sunday, March 16, 2025 – Production Maintenance 
  • Sunday, April 20, 2025 – Production Maintenance and Critical Patch Updates: 6 a.m. – noon 
  • Sunday, May 11, 2025 – Production Maintenance and ICS PUM, FIN PUM: 6 a.m. – midnight 
  • Sunday, June 22, 2025 – Production Maintenance 
  • Sunday, July 20, 2025 –Production Maintenance  and Critical Patch Updates 

Contingency Windows 

Contingency windows follow regularly scheduled maintenance windows that involve complicated updates, in case we are unable to complete the update in the original window. We do not anticipate using contingency windows but prefer that campuses are aware well in advance, in case those windows are required for a successful update. 

The confirmation or cancellation of the contingency window is announced by the Monday prior to the contingency window. 

  • Sunday, Oct. 27, 2024 — Contingency Production Maintenance and CPU Patch, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
  • Sunday, Jan. 26, 2025 — Contingency Production Maintenance and CPU Patch, 6 a.m. – noon 
  • Sunday, April 27, 2025 — Contingency Production Maintenance and CPU Patch, 6 a.m. – noon 
  • Sunday, July 27, 2025 — Contingency Production Maintenance and CPU Patch, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Non-production Windows 

Non-production maintenance windows affect the testing and development environments. These mirrored systems allow UIS staff to develop new features and functionalities and test them before they are moved to production for real-time access by CU’s students, faculty and staff. 

The standard window runs 12 hours, from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Non-production maintenance windows usually occur on Fridays, two weeks prior to production maintenance windows to allow time to test updates before activating them in the live environment. 

  • August 2024 — No non-prod window  
  • Friday, Sept. 13, 2024 
  • Friday, Oct. 11, 2024 
  • Friday, Nov. 1, 2024 
  • Friday, Nov. 22, 2024 
  • December 2024 — No non-prod window  
  • Friday, Jan. 31, 2025  
  • Friday, Feb. 28, 2025 
  • March and April 2025 — No non-prod window 
  • Friday, May 2, 2025 
  • Friday, June 6, 2025 
  • Friday, July 11, 2025 

How the Maintenance Schedule is developed 

Each year, UIS partners with campus and System Administration leaders to determine dates when enterprise and business systems can be unavailable for maintenance. The University of Colorado is a busy university, so it is impossible to avoid all business cycles, but we strive to have minimal impact on campus operations. 

At the beginning of the spring semester, UIS Communications coordinates a team that includes representatives from UIS Applications, Quality Assurance, CU-SIS, HCM, Infrastructure and IT Service Strategy. Together, they draft a proposed schedule. 

Early drafts of the maintenance schedule for the following academic year are then shared with leaders and liaisons for eRA, FIN, PSC, Employee Services, UIS leadership and campus customers. This year, UIS would like to thank the following for their time and contributions to the maintenance schedule: Todd Casey, UCCS; Susan Layton, CU Boulder; Todd Deese, CU Denver; Charity Moser, CU Anschutz; Chris Rasay, Procurement Service Center; Calvin Anderson, University Controller; Sharon Bishop, Jennifer Bosma and Carolyn Proctor from Employees Services; and the UIS leadership team. 

There may be exceptions throughout the year depending on the security risk level related to an unanticipated update.  

Stay updated on all maintenance window communications including updates and changes, full details on affected systems, and more by subscribing to the Maintenance Matters blog and newsletter. 

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