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Mobile functionality now active at all campuses!

University of Colorado student systems have gone mobile! Now, all CU campuses are live with our mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. Students can quickly register for classes, view their holds, modify their schedules, find where their classes are located and check their grades. They can also view their tuition bill and financial aid offerings right from their mobile device (features vary by campus)! CU students now have all of the flexibility mobile tools can offer to quickly and efficiently make decisions about their semester. And, each mobile app is configured to meet the unique needs of each campus so that students don’t have to relearn processes during the busy semester start.   

University of Colorado Colorado Springs piloted the mobile application for fall semester 2014. Thank you to the UCCS teams for helping ensure that the mobile app is the best it can be for the university. The app was released to CU Denver and CU Anschutz May 2015 and CU-Boulder August 2015. See below for examples of CU’s mobile functionality. 

With this being the first semester that mobile student systems capability was available universitywide, UIS modified the semester start command center process to include additional load testing and heightened awareness to proactively ensure an exceptional mobile experience for students.* CU-Boulder’s first day of spring term was Monday, January 11. The campus’s new mobile application handled 1,772 mobile logins on the first day of classes of 1,762. CU Denver and UCCS started Tuesday, January 19 with their combined mobile logins of 3,428. Impressive stats out of the gate for our campuses!

Now that mobile functionality is available universitywide, the foundation is in place to build and enhance mobile capabilities across our service lines. CU is excited about the future of mobile capabilities for our students!

The enterprise applications UIS supports receive heavy usage throughout the year and the load on these systems does not slow down during semester starts. Here are just some of the access statistics for enterprise applications between the opening of classes at CU-Boulder through the second day of classes at CU Denver and UCCS (a 10-day time period).

  • 88,940 unique Campus Solutions users
  • 20,015 unique HCM users (includes employee self-service)
  • 1,098 unique FIN users
  • 96,596 unique portal users
  • Peak concurrent portal logins for CU-Boulder was 1,762 at the 11 a.m. hour on January 11
  • Peak concurrent portal logins for CU Denver and UCCS was 1,091 at the 11 a.m. hour on January 19

*Interested in learning about UIS’s semester start process? See UIS supports seamless semester starts for our campuses.

CU's mobile app icons

Image 1. CU's mobile app icons

UCD mobile app main screen

Image 2. CU Denver's mobile app main screen.

UCD mobile app schedule

Image 3. CU Denver's mobile app class schedule.

UCD mobile app map

Image 4. CU Denver's mobile app map.

UCD mobile app grades

Image 5. CU Denver's mobile app grades.

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