Locked out of your account? Password expired? Reset your password without UIS Service Desk assistance.

Starting Jan. 29, CU System Administration employees can reset their CU System account’s password without UIS Service Desk assistance.

How to reset your password

Users will need to have an established Duo account for verification. If you haven't yet enrolled, follow the instructions on the UIS Service Desk How-to-guide for Duo.

Find instructions for changing your CU System password on the UIS Service Desk How-To Guide.

Screenshot of the login screen for password changes

Why use a self-service password reset?

The self-service password reset provides a consistent, streamlined process to change or recover your password. Strong security standards are built into the process and the new method is available to users at any time.

The UIS Service Desk receives an average of 90 tickets per month pertaining to forgotten passwords or users locked out of their accounts.

Now, even if a user has forgotten their password or their password is expired, they can use the self-service method to update their password. And they can do so outside of normal business hours.

Do I need to be logged in to CU’s VPN to use the self-service password reset?

No, the self-service password reset only requires that you have an active Duo account and enrolled with Duo Mobile.

If you have an administrative access email (admin-), you will need to follow different instructions provided to those account owners, which do require a CU VPN connection.

When might I still need the UIS Service Desk to assist with changing or recovering my password?

CU System uses Duo for multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify your identity. If you attempt to change or recover your password and the security risk is assessed to be higher than normal —for example, if you’re on a public network or a different device than usual — you may be prompted to contact the Service Desk for additional identity authentication.

Questions about the self-service password reset? Please contact the UIS Service Desk by email or calling 303-860-HELP (4357)


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