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Introducing Jamf Connect for Apple devices

On May 22, University Information Services will deploy Jamf Connect to increase the security and protection of university-owned Apple devices.

The Jamf Connect application allows UIS to manage authentication by connecting a user’s local macOS account to the university’s identity management and access systems. Jamf improves security, patching and device configuration by making updates for Mac devices much easier. The software remotely connects and protects Apple devices, eliminating the need for users to schedule time with the Service Desk for basic updates.

After Jamf Connect is implemented, Mac users will have access to a live update on the number of days remaining before their password expires.

Password menu

What to expect on May 22

CU System Mac users do not need to take any action. The update will happen remotely, but they should be aware a reboot will happen automatically after installation. Also, the start-up screen may look different after Jamf Connect is implemented.

When your device has received the update for Jamf Connect, a pop-up window will open. You will not be able to close or minimize it until you sign in. Use your CU username and password, then click Sign in.

Jamf log in screen

Then you will be prompted to enter your same CU password for single sign-on (SSO). It will now link your account with your SSO login clearly and keep a local account on the device.

Logging into a CU-owned Apple device for the first time

If you are logging into your device for the first time, the steps are slightly different. First, confirm the device is connected to WiFi by checking the upper left corner. When connected, a CU login screen will pop up with the directive: Click your campus to log in. Select CU System. You will be prompted to enter your UserID and Password for SSO, then click Submit.

Next, you will be asked to reenter your SSO password again and click Create account.

Jamf reentering

The device may need a few minutes to create the new account, during which it will display the following message:

Processing message from Jamf

After that, you will be prompted to complete the normal first-time account set up on a Mac.

Mac set up screenshot


Jamf Connect will continuously run in the background to keep the account on your device in sync with your CU username and password. If you encounter any issues, please contact the UIS Service Desk by email or calling 303-860-HELP(4357).


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