CU’s Degree Audit application gets new name and new features

To best reflect the work that occurs within the degree audit function under student systems, the Degree Audit and Reporting System (DARS) is now the Degree Audit and Transfer Credit (DATC) system. The DATC system under CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS) supports students and staff from the Registrars and Admissions offices with application functions related to articulating transfer credit from other institutions and determining a student’s progress toward graduation. The new system supports CU’s ability to be more nimble with bringing future upgrades and new functionality to the DATC user community.

During the yearlong project, UIS facilitated a partnership between all CU campuses and the Student Systems team to ensure a stable and secure application that met the needs of the DATC user community. This upgrade increased efficiencies by enhancing automated processing, streamlining workflows and ensuring ongoing vendor support with patches and feature enhancements.

The DATC user community can now generate large quantities of student degree audits using real time data, rather than waiting for overnight processing. The modern interface supports fluid design for mobile devices and provides the foundation for CU to take advantage of upcoming products and features planned by this vendor. Data security is also enhanced both cross-site and for users.

Want to learn more about the many applications that make up the CU-SIS suite of enterprise tools? Refer to the UIS Service Catalog under CU-SIS.

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