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Campus Solutions upgrade lays the groundwork for future improvements

Campus Solutions upgraded in February, and University of Colorado users barely noticed a difference in functionality. Looking beyond the surface, this major upgrade laid the foundation for future improvements that will be hard to ignore.

Campus Solutions (CS) is the primary component of CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS) and encompasses many functions directly related to student administration, faculty workload, and course management.

Recently, UIS completed a technical upgrade to stay compliant and current on maintenance. Maintaining the unified student platform’s highest level of performance is key to the student experience.

The project represented a collaborative effort between CU campuses and several UIS teams, with the campuses playing a vital part in the project’s success. This project was done consultant-free at no extra cost to the university, outside of employee cost, which is a rare occurrence for a project of this size.

Running from June 2017 to February 2018, this 3,800 hour foundational upgrade allows for future projects to better service for students and faculty. These include user experience improvements, new accessibility components, and the development of a responsive, mobile-friendly student portal.

Benefits of Campus Solutions

Campus Solutions provides a number of benefits, including the ability to manage a student’s entire life-cycle, from admission confirmation through graduation and beyond, including all billing activity. It provides CU with a single system of record for all students with the flexibility to accommodate differences in student populations, campus policies, and processes.

The system tracks scheduled resources, including courses, teachers, and room scheduling, manages complex financial aid process and monitoring of student aid, and streamlines student administrative processes through automation.

Although users may not notice a visible difference, the work of US and CU campus teams was crucial to CU’s educational mission.

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