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Campus Solutions enhancements coming Feb. 19

Beginning Feb. 19, Campus Solutions users may notice several small changes. Highlights include changes to the user interface, search pages, and the Process Monitor.

Screenshot of Quick Access Bar in Campus Solutions

  1. The Quick Access Bar (Recently Visited and Favorites) is relocated to the global banner, now available on all pages, not just homepages.
  2. On all pages, page labels now appear on a banner below the global banner and are left justified. Together the two banners allow for a consistent look regardless of the type of page.
  3. The relocation of the page label creates space for Global Search on the global banner, now available in expanded form on all pages.
  4. The Home and Notifications icons in the global banner are simplified.

Screenshot of the two Actions lists

5. All actions were previously available through the Actions List (vertical ellipse) on the global banner. Now, system-level actions remain available from the Actions List on the global banner and page-level actions are relocated to the more Actions menu (the lower vertical ellipse) on the page banner.

Screenshot of new Max in recently visited field

6. Users may now set the number of items that appear under Recently Visited in My Preferences (Maximum in Recently Visited under General Options). The maximum can be set up to 30. The default is 10.

Changes to component search pages

Search pages have a new layout and include functional enhancements: 

Screenshot of new Search layout in Campus Solutions

  • A user’s five most Recent Searches will be retained in any given component and are now search criteria options.
  • While Saved Searches are not new, Saved Searches are now more prominently displayed on search pages. Users can save up to five searches for each component. 
  • Add a New Value, which users with access click to create a new record or run control, is relocated to a button in the top right.
  • The number of search result rows returned is now limited globally to 800.
  • The search results grid has changed and will initially display the first 10 results by default.

Process Monitor has a few changes.

Screenshot of Process Monitor in Campus Solutions

  • All is a new option in the duration drop-down menu with Date Range or Last.
  • The Instance Field now includes a Range hyperlink users may click to enter a range of instance values.
  • Run Control ID is a new column field in the Process List results grid.


Send questions and/or feedback to the UIS Service Desk.

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