Second Annual CU IT Summit brought together IT professionals from across all CU campuses and UIS to collaborate, learn and network.
You can now personalize your homepage in the CU Resources area of the employee portal with this new feature. Watch video to see how it works.
IT Governance is being established at CU. Learn more about what this means and why UIS is working on it.
UIS is changing its name from University Information Systems to University Information Services.
IT and UIS professionals meet to collaborate, connect and innovate for all campuses.
Please welcome these new and promoted UIS staff members.
UIS upgraded several systems, including the employee portal, in an effort to increase efficiencies
Critical network equipment upgrade at 1800 Grant is part of an overall network redesign effort to improve performance, reliability and remain current on technology infrastructure.
After a successful conversion, Singularity was decommissioned spring 2018.
University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) recently won a CU Innovation & Efficiency Award for integrating their Veterans Benefit Module with OnBase.