2022 UIS Impact Report: Creating solutions through technology, services and collaboration

The UIS Impact Report highlights the extraordinary work accomplished by UIS since 2020 to empower CU to adapt, connect and achieve.

UIS collaboration with the Office of Information Security, campuses’ Office of Information Technology, the Controller’s Office, Human Resources, Finance, Student Services, Procurement, Research and Grants, Advancement and departments from every CU campus led to new solutions, efficiencies, savings or increased security.

A few report highlights:

  • Learn how CU IT Governance is reducing risk, increasing alignment and maximizing resources.
  • Understand the work UIS did to prepare for hybrid work and other COVID-related conundrums.
  • Celebrate the significant reduction in time required for critical patch updates and other advancements in keeping CU’s data (i.e. your data) safe.
  • See how collaboration with PSC and campuses lead to an enterprise Tableau server and a savings of close to $1 million for CU.
  • Discover the solutions that led to greater efficiency, personalization and automation across CU.
  • Learn UIS’ top priorities as they lay the groundwork for greater advancement toward CU’s strategic goals.

After you’ve read the report, provide feedback and put your new knowledge to the test by playing the UIS Impact Report Game. Five participants will be selected at random on Oct. 24 to receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Visit the UIS Impact Report


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