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Zoom recordings

To improve the security of your meetings and clear storage space, the Zoom System Administration default setting to automatically record meetings has been turned off and all current Zoom Cloud Recordings will be purged at end of business on Friday, April 17. 2020.

A couple of important notes regarding these changes:

Users can still automatically record meetings by updating their personal Zoom settings. Turning on “Automatic recording” in your Zoom “Recording” Settings will record meetings to the hosts local computer (not the cloud).
If you intentionally recorded a meeting or webinar, you will need to download these for your records prior to Friday, April 17, 2020. To do so, log into the Zoom web client (, go to “Recordings” and “Cloud Recordings”. Identify the meeting(s) you would like to keep for your records and select the “More” dropdown next to the meeting information. You can then download the files and save them in any local or shared drive.


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