Streamline meeting creation with a FindTime poll

If you need to send a poll to find a meeting time, there’s no need to use third-party tools like Doodle. You can do it faster right from Outlook.

FindTime is an Outlook add-in that intuitively searches availability, allows for multiple time options to be proposed, and sends a poll to all your attendees.

Scheduling a meeting in Outlook with FindTime:

  1. In Outlook, select File, then select Manage Add-ins at the bottom of the screen

    manage add-ins

  2. Once in Outlook Online, search for FindTime and select Add.


  3. In Outlook, when composing a new message, there will now be an option for New Scheduling Poll. Click this to use FindTime to set up a meeting poll.

    new scheduling poll

  4. Add meeting attendees in the To section, optional attendees in the Cc section, and nonrequired attendees in the Bcc section.


  5. On the far right side of the ribbon, click New Meeting Poll. Select your meeting's duration and a preferred date, then available meeting times will display. Check the times you want to offer and then add additional dates and times as well. When all the options have been selected, click Next.

    meeting options

  6. Review your selections and click Create poll.

    create poll


  7. A poll will be added to your message. Complete your email and send it. You’ll be able to review results by opening the message in your Sent messages folderand clicking View all your polls.

    view polls

    Note: You also use Outlook’s scheduling assistant to set meetings based on your colleague’s availability.

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