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Saving a chat in Teams for easy access

Rather than searching past Team chats every time you need to reference important information shared in a message, you can save or pin the message. Use these tools to create easy reference points in your chats.

Pinning a message

Pinned messages appear at the top of the chat and remain there until a new message is pinned or it is removed. Everyone in the chat can see a pinned message and anyone in that chat can also replace it.

  1. In a chat, hover over the message you want to pin and select the More options icon
  2. Select Pin and the message will appear at the top of the conversation.

Saving a message

Saving a message to read later can be done by marking it as saved or unread.

  1. Hover the message you want to save and select the More Options icon
  2. Select Save this message or Mark as unread
  3. Review your saved messages by selecting your profile picture and choosing Saved.


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